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Jerry Usher & Debbie Georgianni


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A Letter to Friends of EWTN’s

Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Welcome to! We believe it’s no accident that you’re here. We’re convinced of the power of the Holy Spirit, and we know that God is constantly working to draw us closer to Him.

We have been co-hosting a weekday radio show, Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie, on EWTN since June 2015, and through our experience we have realized that there are certain facets of life that we all share. Common experiences we all can relate to. Struggles we all can identify with. Joys that we all can celebrate.

This site was created in response to your requests to “keep the conversation going.” There is an obvious desire to build this community, and we feel honored that we can share a portion of our lives together. We invite you to follow along and like us on our Facebook page!

Here are a few things to note. We BELIEVE in the power of prayer. We have FAITH in God’s plan for us. We TRUST that God will use the right people or circumstances to lead us to a greater understanding of HIM.

On our radio show, we discuss topics that are relevant to our daily lives. We offer resources that can be used to continue our formation in virtue. We provide spiritual support when people are facing a crisis and feeling alone.

Likewise, this site will offer many tools for spiritual growth. But more importantly, this site will allow us to further important conversations in the hope that deeper insights will be revealed to us.

Visit us often. And please feel welcome to respond when prompted. Most of all, please keep us in your prayers, as we will surely keep you in ours.

God Bless!

Jerry & Debbie

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